Martinique luxury villas:La Sirène du Diamant,your luxury waterfront villa with private pool,




Come and discover the dining and living corner !


From the very doorstep, one can spot the majestic custodian of the place: the Diamond Rock. The interior of this 300 sq meter villa is essentially organized around a spacious living area positioned under high ceilings to which a decorative fishing net is hooked with crabs and shellfishes caught into it. The atmosphere will immediately immerse you in the history of the Battle for the Rock, through its period engravings and its numerous boat scale models, replicas of the vessels involved in the 1804

storming of the Rock, including the frigate La Sirène.

The solid ceruse-painted courbaril table, a very hard tropical wood type, vouches for a quality Caribbean furniture that naturally blends into the home decor.

A brand new Italian kitchen opens on the living room, and offers all the modern equipments as well as some comfortable spaces for the preparation of dishes. The ceylan blue furnishings contrast with the white quartz kitchen counter.

You will be able to use the following equipments at your own convenience: Sharp 600 l American fridge-freezer, pyrolysis oven, coffee maker, kettle, rice cooker, dishwasher, microwave, espresso machine, toaster, blender.

Stay at La Sirène du Diamant and enjoy one of the best martinique luxury villas.

La Sirène du Diamant ,one of the best martinique luxury villas  





Come and discover the Admiral’s Cabin !


With its teakwood furniture including a 160X200m canopy bed, and its stone wall, the Admiral’s master bedroom offers an ensuite bathroom and a direct access to the terrace, thus allowing a gorgeous view on the beach and the swimming pool.




Come and discover the Officers’ Cabin !


In this emerald green bedroom, the 140X200 m mahogany four-poster bed vouches for the subtle association of colonial furniture with contemporary style. You will also have direct access to the terrace in order to enjoy the stunning sea view.




Come and Discover Cabin 3 !


This spacious room offers a marine ambiance with its 160X200 m teakwood bed, its bunk beds in Laurel of the Andes, and its cerused wood walls. You will be able to keep an eye on the Rock and spot the wind-propelled sailboats sliding across the water. Cabins 2 and 3 have a spacious shared bathroom situated right across in the hallway.




Come and Discover the Captain’s Cabin !


With its view on the tropical garden, the Captain’s cabin conveys calm and intimacy. Fully furnished with a 160X200 m exotic wood canopy bed, two bedside tables, and a wardrobe in cerused wood, it has an ensuite bathroom and opens on the covered terrace.




Come and Discover the Passengers’ Cabin !


The Laurel of the Andes is well known for the quality of its wood and its sleek lines. This room is furnished with a 140X200m bed and a single mezzanine bed. Its large bay window allows direct access to the terrace and to an outdoor bathroom.





Come and discover the waterfront terrace !


The dining room opens on an immense covered terrace that literally invites you to enjoy life together: the large lounge suite in colourful teakwood is the ideal meeting place for guests. Situated above the swimming pool, it offers an unobstructed view on the bright blue sky, which seems to blend with the crystalline immensity of the Caribbean Sea.

From breakfast through dinner, the long teakwood table facilitates the gathering of all generations around a colorful and spicy Caribbean cuisine or even a barbecue.






Come and discover the magnificent salt-water swimming pool !


The swimming pool is comfortable through its 8X3m size that can accommodate all the guests, and its small bath suitable to the younger ones. Its salt filtering system offers fresh and pleasant water while providing automatic maintenance that allows the pool water to remain clean.





Come and discover the waterfront pergola !


This place is magical through the melody of the waves that come and go, lapping the beach just below. It is the perfect meeting place at the time of “apéro”, when punches and cocktails rival for the celebration of the holiday farniente. The pergola is also a unique place of relaxation and serenity for guests who would opt for a massage session facing the ocean.





Come and discover the private beach !


This small piece of heaven is accessible through a tiny stone staircase unveiling an exquisite vantage point on the 4km white sand beach. It is a peaceful space, ideal for a discreet sunbathing away from the prying eyes of hikers, or for a quiet relaxation in the shade of a parasol made of local palm tree leaves. Its architecture is inspired by the ancestral techniques of the Arawacks. The framework is made of outdoor eucalyptus wood covered with local palm tree leaves that are skilfully tied, hence demonstrating a care for authenticity, return to roots and well-being, combined with refined aesthetics.




Come and discover the friendly living spaces for children and adults !


The sandpit is a space dedicated to children, shaded under the foliage of huge catalpas.







Come and Discover the fabulous Diamond beach and its Rock !


As evening comes, you will be able to spot the sun setting behind Morne Larcher. Once the village switches all its lights off, conversations fade away, and beneath the starlit sky of the Caribbean, the luminous halo of

the neighbouring island of St Lucia can be noticed

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